call from Tunisia to all revolutionaries of the world!

Call World Social : The people want the fall of the system

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World social forum : 26>30 march 2013. Tunis / Program and calendar here of the FSM :

Revolutionaries of the world,

On the occasion of the World Social Forum which will be held in Tunisia during March 2013, we believe that the liberal reformist approach opted for by the organizing bureaucracy of the Forum will in no way lead to a revolutionary project for the people of the world. Even though the event is presented as an opportunity for the revolutionaries coming from all corners of the globe to meet, we deem that the ultimate objective, namely the collapse of the capitalist system, will not be taken into consideration

This Forum will take place in a highly critical time in the history of the world; social movements and uprisings are sweeping capitalism off its feet. Rage against the system does not recognize frontiers and geographical taxonomy of East and West. The so-called democratic states are as threatened by these risings as the worst dictatorships; the question to be examined is what are the driving forces of these revolts from Spain to Egypt and from Greece to Tunisia which are jeopardizing the capitalist states?

The economic crisis is not a conclusion made by “experts” and professional critics of the field, even politicians in power and their oppositions admit that they are incapable of putting an end to the outrageous rates of unemployment, impoverishment, undernourishment, diseases and pollutions. The repetitive discourses delivered through mass-media are only encouraging people to adjust to the situation and await resolutions that will never come. This proves that the system has resorted to the time-old strategies of encroachment and propaganda in order to survive one of its many major crises along history. Wherever and whenever implemented, these strategies only brought about ravages and precariousness.

Despite the recurrent scenario of democratic succession to power and elections as a means of power distribution between “left” and “right”, “liberals” and “conservatives” and despite the huge budgets spent to organize media campaigns to promote the illusion of “democratic transition” and “political liberties” or “freedom of expression”, only disillusionment is installed.

The World Social Forum, which is held and financed by capitalists and their affiliates, is nothing but an attempt to convince the victims of the capitalist system that the inherent reason behind the economic crisis are the so-called “Neo-Liberalism”, “extreme globalization”, “financial speculations” and worsening debt which they suggest calls for the one and only alternative and that is the reformation of a system which is the actual source of these ailments.

Libertarians of the world,

The wretched of the earth are rejecting their everyday reality through raising and revolting; now they know that union and determination are the keys to their own liberation and to the liberation of future generations from the grip of capitalism.
As the wretched and revolutionaries of the world we have to continue the insurrection in order to liberate our existence from the deadly claws of capitalism. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than our union and determination to fight till the last gasp against the oppressive system.
We boycott and oppose to this Forum not only because we refuse to have anything to do with the bureaucratic syndicalist associations organizing the event, and because the mere participation in the Forum is equivalent to being part in the project of promoting for and installing colonialist collaboration and social submission which are cherished by bourgeoisie, its media and political mediocrity, but also because we primarily boycott every reform movement whether it came from the right or the left.

We are the allies of social revolution.
As the crisis is intensifying and is the more felt by the masses we can see disobedience movements being born all over the world along with incessantly growing uprisings. These different crises have resulted into revolutionary movements in different countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Bahrain as well as social uprisings in Greece, Spain, Portuguese, Island, and even in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Libertarians of the world,

This call is ours. It is that of the marginalized, the unemployed graduates and non-graduates, the farmers without lands, women without voices, the exploited miners, all those that bureaucrats of the WSF pretend to represent after excluding them from the organizations of debates. Our call is that of disobedient, revolutionaries and of other social movements opposed to the capitalist system and authoritarian governments.

Politicians, media and ideologies,
Sellers of illusion and fear disguised under their reformist customs who are pretending to be against the capitalist system are only a part of this very system. We only have to examine the components of this Forum, its bureaucratic organization and statements to realize that it does not attack the essence of capitalism and that it is nothing but another attempt to diminish the rage of the billions of individuals revolting against hunger, impoverishment and precariousness chanting but one unique slogan:

“The people want to fall of the regime”

This was the cry the echo of which resonated from Tahrir Square to Wall Street, from Athena to Tunis and from Barcelona to Bahrain. This cry carried one simple slogan that frightens the retrograde forces which call for an accurate articulation of the exact words of the slogan:

“The people want the fall of capitalism”

Capitalism is the system; a particular president, a political party, or a king, are no more than the temporary guardians of the system and not the system. They are the docile executioners of its mechanisms regardless of the form of the government it adopts.

Libertarians of the world,

Mass-media owned by world capitalism spends billions to circulate the illusion of democratic transitions. It distorts any experience or attempt of self-organization by workers to manage their own resources because it threatens capitalist’s best interest.
In order for us to emancipate ourselves today we need to form revolutionary fronts, coordinate our actions and effectively fight against the world capitalist regime. We want to trigger real transformation in our societies which must be based on self-management of resources.
We call upon all the revolutionary forces of the world, movements and organizations of resistance capitalism to unite our work internationally against the pseudo-democratic states or dictatorships whether they were secular or religious, liberal or conservative.

Capitalism is the crisis; the fall of the system is the fall of capitalism !

Disobedience Movement
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